Stem Cell Stocks 5/31/09: The Week That Was

Last week consisted of more sporadic trading for the stem cell stocks. I'm still trying to figure out if there is some correlation between the general market and the stem cell sector, but as of right now, nothing stands out.

Top Stem Cell Stock Performer(s) for Last Week:

- International Stem Cell Corp (ISCO.OB) = Up 47% for the week; Mid-week ISCO.OB received positive early results from animal trials designed to improve photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), a form of corrective laser eye surgery that offers an improved alternative to LASIK.

Worst Stem Cell Stock Performer(s) for Last Week:

Cord Blood America Inc. (CBAI.OB) = Down -15%; This stock was flat all week and then tanked the last hour of the last trading day of the week. It looks like frustrated traders are throwing in the towel.

Stem Cell Stocks Current Price and % Up or Down 5/25/09 - 5/29/09

Market Cap Over 50 Million

Ariad Pharmaceuticals (ARIA) = Cur Price: $1.50; Up 8%
Aastrom Biosciences (ASTM) = Cur Price: $0.335; Down -7%
BioTime, Inc. (BTIM) = Cur Price: $2.55; Down -3%
Celgene Corp (CELG) = Cur Price: $42.24; Up 7%
Cytori Therapeutics (CYTX) = Cur Price: $3.79; Up 32%
Geron Corp (GERN) = Cur Price: $6.52; Down -4%
ThermoGenesis (KOOL) = Cur Price: $0.53; Down -4%
Osiris Therapeutics (OSIR) = Cur Price: $12.61; Up 5%
StemCell Inc. (STEM) = Cur Price: $1.63; Down -3%

Market Cap Under 50 Million

Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC.OB) = Cur Price: $0.148; Up 14%
Athersys Inc. (ATHX) = Cur Price: $0.84; Down -6%
Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics (BCLI.OB) = Cur Price: $0.07; Down -8%
Bioheart Inc. (BHRT) = Cur Price: $0.84; Down -7%
Cord Blood America Inc. (CBAI.OB) = Cur Price: $0.0041; Down -15%
Cyro-Cell Intl (CCEL.OB) = Cur Price: $1.25; Up 9%
Neuralstem (CUR) = Cur Price: $1.05; Down -5%
International Stem Cell (ISCO.OB) = Cur Price: $1.00; Up 47%
MultiCell Technologies (MCET.OB) = Cur Price: $0.0165; Up 38%
Pluristem Therapeutics (PSTI) = Cur Price: $1.24; Up 7%
Stem Cell Therapy Intl (SCII.OB) = Cur Price: $0.06; Down -8%
Stem Cell Innovations (SCLL.PK) = Cur Price: $0.048; Down -4%


Nothing has changed from the last few months.

- M&A (mergers and acquisitions) activity will be key. I can't believe that there hasn't been any activity yet, but I think it will happen as the economy improves.

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